Wagwa Memorial Primary School
Education is Life.

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School Staff

Head Master - Mr. Semakula ...

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Deputy H/M - Mrs Coming Soon

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Bursar - Mr. Muwonge Dauda

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Wagwa Memorial P/S

Wagwa memorial primary school is a mixed day and boarding nursery and primary school located in Lukaya Town Council - Kalungu District in Uganda.

school FLAG


Greencolour: Wagwa memorial preserves nature.

Bluecolour: In Wagwa memorial the sky is the limit.

White: Peacein Wagwa memorial.

Black: Theschool for the black Africans.

Yellowcolour: Lukaya is near the Equator.

Abook: The major aim is to inculcate knowledge in young stars.

Crescentand Star: The school is Muslim founded.


School Prayer

In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful, the answerer of prayers, we thank you so much for the sustenance and we ask you kindly to protect us all in this school, guide our mentors, grant us knowledge, wisdom and power, so that whatever is taught sinks in our minds, Bless our studies oh lord. Amen!!!